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Sometimes it feels like the world is on fire – literally and metaphorically. When the actions we can take feel so small in relationship to the problems we see, we try to remember how we felt when asked to compile the results of our 20 years in business. All those small actions, all that one step at a time, has really taken us somewhere. Because all of you were taking action too, there has been sea change in LA.

We are keeping our heads up, and taking the actions we can. Day by day. We wish you the same hopefulness of heart.

Cassy and Kirk


We can harness our properties to increase our joy and safety – and that of LA. Here are just a few of the how-tos.

USGBC-LA MGBCE: California is on fire – again. Learn why “fire is inevitable, the loss of life and property are not.”
Join LA County Fire Chief of Forestry Ron Durbin, Chaparral Institute Executive Director Richard Halsey, and Cassy Aoyagi for a conversation moderated by Board of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Marc Los Huertos. View Video

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund: Volunteer Teresa Mackey wanted to revamp her backyard with plants that can adjust to the hot climate of Tujunga. Through research, she stumbled upon an article in the L.A. Times about native plants. Read More By Larissa Runkle: Have you ever dreamed of buying a bit of land and building your very own green home on it? Going green, and doing it well, might be a whole lot easier than you think. Read More


Is edible gardening part of your sustainability plan? Here are a few helpful tips. Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Want your new vegetable garden to survive—and even thrive? You might need to start thinking hard about succession. Read More


September 2020


September starts the seed and harvest season. Check out LA’s very own “waves of grain.”

California Fuchsia raises joyful red flags in September, while feathery Common Yarrow fills with bountiful blooms. Mounds of bright green Deer Grass fill with twinkling golden wands, their seed heads, in fall.

See more September Blooms.



Nature, Health and Equity

Cassy Aoyagi led a conversation about the impact of nature on health and social equity at USGBC-LA’s Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo in August.

Watch next month’s newsletter for that conversation and associated tips! • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
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