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Are you a water 1 percenter? If you are among the top water consumers in Los Angeles, you recently received a letter from DWP alerting you to your status.  It breaks our hearts that  DWP’s letters left some of you thinking you need to  gravelscape or submit to a boring synthetic to do your part.  Not true!

Take a field trip to L.A.’s water wise  demonstration gardens – maybe Descanso Gardens, the La Canada Gardens of the World, Santa Monica Garden/Garden or the Theodore Payne Foundation – to see just how lush and lovely your garden can be in drought.  You may find  that, far from requiring sacrifice, going water wise can enhance your lifestyle!


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


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FormLA makes it a top priority to adjust controllers to meet or exceed water restrictions. If there are any signs of leaking or water that is being used inefficiently, please notify us immediately. If you are ready to relinquish your lawn, that is the best way to reduce major gallons to have an immediate impact!

Get Ready for Growth:

  • Ensure natives are not being overwatered – they love this heat!
  • Remove volunteers, invasive plants and infectious material to reduce plants and disease
  • Rinse foliage to keep it lovely and improve transpiration in high heat
  • Prune oak trees to maintain form and shade
  • Mulch to refresh garden beds and retain water
  • Clip the prettiest cut flowers and foliage for indoor bouquets
  • Set the stage with extra lighting, heating and container gardens at party time!

Protecting Garden Beauty from Drought:

  • Eliminate run-off, overspray and leaks
  • Water by hand where necessary
  • Give mature trees a deep soak once a month


July 2015


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Sierra Madre Dedication
Sierra Madre Speed Learning
A New Look for Studio City


Protect Garden Beauty from Drought
Get Ready for Growth!


Living Well with Less Water


August 22: Sierra Madre Garden Dedication

August 22: Sierra Madre Speed Learning Workshop

September 8: A New Look for Studio City




Cassy Aoyagi spoke at Living Well with Less Water, an event organized by Senator Carol Liu‘s Green 21 team. See the Video


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