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Los Angeles’ mindset is changing, and so will our aesthetic.  We will have a more water wise Los Angeles. The question now becomes, what will our city look like?  Will we replace English-style gardens with Arizona-inspired xeriscapes?  Or will we choose the lush, lovely and distinctive California natives that bring us to an authentic sense of place?  Come see us at Descanso Gardens or a neighborhood tour this spring and let us know what you think!


Set Trends in 2015Salvia-Pool
LA Times Home:  Looking forward, designers anticipate more sustainability, increased transitional spaces and adaptability.  Read More


Design for Dogs
HGTV. By Holly Aguirre: More landscapers are pet-scaping. Hear from designers, veterinarians and horticulturists who want to keep your pets safe and happy outdoors.  Read More


Save Pets, Save WaterSalvia-Pool
Wet-to-Dry: Replace plants that cause problems for pets, including Hibiscus, Foxglove,and English Ivy, with something water-wise. Read More



FormLA teams will stay busy in February and March to ensure your garden is crazy beautiful this spring.

Conserving Water and Soil Moisture:

  • Replenishing mulch to conserve water and increase organic matter Increasing mower heights to reduce evaporation from lawns
  • Changing batteries on irrigation timers
  • Pushing the clocks forward on irrigation and lighting timers
  • Pruning Mediterranean foliage

Getting Ready for a Dry Year:

  • Optimizing water delivery systems
  • Exchanging wet for dry-loving plants
  • Replenishing mulch in flower beds
  • Ensuring foliage growth allows for defensible space from fire
  • Replacing thirsty traditional grasses with IdealMow® lawn alternatives
  • Monitoring foliage growth

February 2015


LA’s Aesthetic
Pet-Friendly Foliage


Theodore Payne Tours
Descanso Events
Neighborhood Tours and Talks
Drought Tolerant Workshop


Conserving Water
Preparing for Dry


March 14:Theodore Payne Foundation Gourmet Garden Tour

March 15: Descanso Center Circle Garden Opens

March 21 and 22:Theodore Payne Foundation Native Garden Tour

March 21: Sierra Madre Rotary Panel

March 26: Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Presentation

April 12: Brentwood Drought Tolerant Garden Tour

April 25:Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop

May 29 and 30: Dwell on Design • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
phone 818.353.7030 • 310.979.9002 • fax 818.353.6837 •
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