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If love is a verb, our love for LA extends from Tujunga to Malibu, from Monrovia to Manhattan Beach.  With all our hearts and every turn of a shovel, we aim to leave each of you with healthier, more beautiful places for you to do you.

Feel the love!

Cassy and Kirk


Go Green: The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide

Coastal Curb Appeal

Fox News. By Celeste Perron: If the phrase “eco-friendly home” makes you think of an off-the-grid hippie hut on one hand, or a bespoke LEED Platinum palace for those with Leonardo DiCaprio‘s budget on the other, we have news for you. Greening your home is easier than ever. Learn More


Find a Healthy, Happy Home

FORM LA_0463

Trulia Real Estate 101. By Laura Agadoni: Your neighborhood could play a factor in your overall health. Here are some considerations to make during your house hunt. Learn More


Get a Sneak Peek at Native Tour Gardens

 Shallow, deep stairs of flag and cobblestone mirror the earth forms of the IdealMow covered amphitheater, also routing water into the planted areas of the garden and the bioswale. Permeable materials ensure rainwater and irrigation overflow seep back into the soil to nurture the garden.

By FormLA Staff: From the beach to the valley, the FormLA gardens featured on the 2017 Theodore Payne Foundation Native Garden Tour reflect their specific niche within LA, as well as their owners’ style. Get a sneak peek at the three returning favorites.
Tour Gardens


For the Love of LA – Stop Sacrificing! 


By Cassy Aoyagi: We know you love LA. We hear it in what you are willing to sacrifice for her good – your lawn, your pool, your roses. What if lush, leafy, loveliness is actually better for California’s leading lady? It’s true. Stop Sacrificing!



El Nino underperformed, but El Nina is bringing her level best to this relationship. You’ll see it in your garden and in our wildspaces.


Blooming Now in LA

Post rain, LA will give us a few more blooming gifts than we’ve received in quite a while. Prepare to enjoy them! See what’s Blooming Now

fragaria-chiloensisbeachstrawbery las pilitas


Sustaining Your Garden

As rain continues to refresh our city, FormLA maintenance teams are preparing our water-wise gardens to look their best, rain or shine.

If you are going it alone, visit our month-by-month Maintenance Checklist to be sure your garden is getting the love it needs this month.


December 2016


Go Green Homeowners Guide
Find a Healthy, Happy Home
Return to Native Tour Homes
For the Love of LA – Stop Sacrificing!


LAFD Native Garden Install Day
Native Garden Tour
Pacific Palisades Garden Tour


Blooming Now
Sustaining Gardens


Santa Monica Heroes
LAFD Station Prep
USC Goes Native
Natives Go to the Oscars



February 18: LA Fire Station 74 Plant Installation Day

April 1-2: Native Garden Tour

April 23:  Pacific Palisades Garden Tour



Shotgun House Celebration

FormLA Landscaping clients and heros Lorraine Sanchez and Hilda Weiss educate fellow Santa Monicans about the native garden at the Santa Monica Conservancy Preservation Resource Center.

Our clients, our heroes! Lorraine Sanchez and Hilda Weiss inspired the creation of the all coastal native garden that now surrounds the Santa Monica Conservancy Preservation Resource Center. Here they are celebrating the garden’s 1-year anniversary with the neighborhood with a native raffle – they never stop!


LAFD Install Day


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi joined Eagle Scout Troop 394 in prepping LA Fire Station 74 in Tujunga for the community installation of native plants.


USC Goes Native


Kirk Aoyagi joined University of Southern California students to install a new native garden outside Queens Court.  See this new spot of lovely the next time you visit campus!


Natives Go to the Oscars

GottleibBookAttending the Oscars? Stop by the Oscars Gifting Suite for a lovely book by Susan Gottlieb: The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story.



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