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As we roll through LA from one job to the next, we see spaces transform in our minds eye. A grass median becomes a bloom-belt and jog path. A parking lot becomes an orchard. School playgrounds shake off synthetic turf and sprout lush greenery.

These day dreams are powered by you, what you have shown us can happen when neighbors care about common ground and work to improve our city.

We look forward to 2017 and to a new year at your side, making LA an even better place to live, work, and be.

Cassy and Kirk



Wear Greenery – Naturally!


By Cassy Aoyagi: Color trendsetters at Pantone have chosen “Greenery” as the Pantone 2017 color of the year.  It will be easy to find the color in pants, paints and pillows. We, of course, like to come by it naturally with plants. Here are a few suggestions for getting this distinctively spring shade of green. Get Greenery!


Discover Your Outdoor Style

Quiz. The new lush, lovely, low-water look of LA landscaping reflects the city’s creativity and diversity. Need help getting the look that is just right for the way you live? Answer 5 questions to find the style for you.  Take the Quiz


Shine with 5 Rain-Loving Natives

FormLA2016_Sterling_Blooms_AloeJuncusBackground copy
Wet to Dry. We usually encourage exchanging wet-loving plants for those that like it dry, but there are exceptions to every rule.  These California native beauties can handle deluge just as beautifully as they manage drought. Read More



Aren’t we lucky? While other states head into month two or three of white and green gardens, LA gardens keep the color popping in the dead of winter.


Blooming Now in LA

Scuba blue Wooly Blue Curls, lilac Coast Daisies, hot pink Manzanita blooms, and golden Goldenrod are creating riots of color. See what’s Blooming Now



Sustaining Your Garden

It has been a little while since we’ve seen the clean slate delivered by a good rain. In our city of perpetual change, we need to adapt our strategies to maintain our peace of mind as drought turns to deluge. We will:

Protect properties and gardens:

  • Re-stake trees to ensure proper support
  • Adjust irrigation quantity and timers
  • Make sure rain sensors work
  • Clean gutters and monitor run-off strategies to protect slopes and homes

Help non-native succulents survive strong rains:

  • Layer blankets frost-sensitive desert natives
  • Dry broad leaves to prevent leaves from burning when the sun shines
  • Add to sunken soil in pots
  • Plant slope-saving ground covers to support agave

Ensure a hassle-free, lush, green spring garden now:

  • Make room for spring growth with natural pruning methods
  • Cut grasses to their bases
  • Evaluate empty spaces for new plants
  • Feed citrus and acid loving plants
  • Spray roses and ornamental fruits with ecofriendly dormant oil, and amend soils with organic blood meal



January 2017


Wear Greenery
Cultivate Creativity
Shine in Rain


Shotgun Coast Anniversary


Blooming Now
Sustain Your Garden


Cassy at CSBA
Isara in the Garden


FormLA2016_Blooms_Woods_Yarrow&DG copy

January 28: Shotgun Coast Garden Anniverary Celebration



FormLA president Cassy Aoyagi joined the California Small Business Association subcommittees for Energy and Environment and Affordable Healthcare.

FormLA designer Isara Ongwiseth started work on the garden at his own residence in Alhambra.



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