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We chose this field, in part, because we love how we feel in nature. We wanted to be close to it, and to bring that delicious feeling to others.

It took years for us to create something all our own. Thanks to Lisa Boone, Katie Falkenberg and the Los Angeles Times, we get to share our own garden, hopes and dreams with all of you. All of LA! We can’t imagine a more delightful way to kick off the summer!

We hope you too find yourself wrapped in the beauty and joy of LA’s authentic beauty this season. See you out there!

Cassy and Kirk


We are learning more about why we feel so good in nature and how to make the most of its impact on our health and well-being.


LA Times. By Lisa Boone: Plant a native; help save Los Angeles. That’s Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi’s mission.
They’re not alone. Read More By Laura Sieben: Your outdoor space should be your sanctuary, but there are ways your outdoor oasis could actually be stressing you out. Here are 5 stressors and tips for eliminating them. Read More By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: If you cultivate the right kinds of greenery, you might just garner more happiness, cleaner air to breathe, and other cool benefits. Read More




We keep LA’s outdoor spaces lush, clean, and hassle-free with craftsmanship, not chemicals. You can too!

Here are a few tips for maintaining an ideal habitat as we start summer:

+ Check performance of smart irrigation systems.

+ Hand water trees and containers as needed.

+ Deadhead, but leave some seeds for the birds.

See our Summer Maintenance Checklist for more to-dos to keep your garden in tip-top shape.


June 2019


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