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May 2015

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Thank you Senator Carol Liu, David Brown and Descanso Gardens, and Do Good Bus riders for joining us in a very memorable workshop at the Gardens of the World.

Senator Liu’s office surprised Descanso Gardens and FormLA Landscaping with a certificate for beautifying LA while saving water.  This is what we feel compelled to provide to LA through our everyday work, and we were surprised at how emotional receiving this recognition would be. Equally uplifting was seeing vivacious stream of Do Good Bus volunteers join us with boxes of additional tools and big smiles. Thank you for a wonderful day!

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


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We’ll be doing everything we can to help your garden keep its cool through a long dry summer.

Please fax your fire inspection notice to us (818-353-6837), and we’ll take care of the rest. If you are going it alone, please join us in taking the following steps:

Protect homes from fires:

  • Raise low branches on shrubs, keeping foliage off the ground
  • Open shrubbery and reduce flammable material with structural pruning
  • Remove all dead material and weed growth
  • Clear foliage away from rooflines and eaves
  • Maintain proper spacing among plants
  • Follow fire code restrictions within 200 feet of structures
  • Consider exchanging existing foliage for fire fighting native plants

Protect your health… and your wallet:

  • Eliminate sitting water to avoid mosquito breeding
  • Inspect sprinklers for leaks to eliminate run-off and overspray
  • Ensure optimal drip irrigation coverage and timer management
  • Mulch to maintain soil moisture and prevent weeds

Ready gardens for summer:

  • Replenish vegetable and herb gardens…. Let us know what you’ve been craving!
  • Take time to smell the salvia!

May 2015


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In and Out in L.A.
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Dwell on Design
Descanso Talk and Walk


Fire Protection
Water Conservation
Garden Beautification


Senator Liu Recognition
Brentwood Garden Tour
Do Good Bus at Library
Building Dwell Outdoor


May 29-31: Dwell on Design

June 20: Save the Date for Descanso




Senator Liu recognized Descanso Gardens and FormLA Landscaping for beautifying L.A. while saving water, and a happy and helpful cadre of volunteers with the Do Good Bus joined us for the Spring Drought Tolerant Maintenance Day at La Canada Public Library.

The Rosen family hosted neighbors with the first annual Brentwood Community Council Garden Tourarranged by the indefatigable Teri Kahn.

FormLA teams are busy building Dwell Outdoor.  We look forward to sharing this outdoor wonderland with you!



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Mark Britten, Production Manager:

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