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We vote in all kinds of ways. Of course, by mail and at the polls. We also vote for this community every time we smile at a neighbor, visit a business in a different neighborhood, and most certainly when we plant trees and grow food together.

We are hopeful wherever you find yourself in the coming month, it is somewhere you find plenty of fellow Angelenos voting for the best possible version of LA.

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Nature and plant life speed healing, reduce stress, improve focus and concentration – and can decrease food security too. How can we and our communities best tap into these benefits?

USGBC-LA MGBCE: We gathered leaders from throughout LA to showcase programs using nature to ensure all within LA have what they need to thrive. Join us to learn more about their inspiring work and how we can all help LA build back better. View Video

Isara Ongwiseth: Los Angeles was once a breadbasket for native nations. Meet three plant choices we make to honor this history – and ensure our fall gardens aren’t just beautiful but delicious! Read More


Sustainable garden maintenance protects health, saves money and reduces our carbon footprints too. Here are tips for taking your maintenance to new levels of sustainability.


Oscar Ortega: Giving thanks outside isn’t just safer – saves time and hassle by extending the timeline for preparations. Follow our weekly checklist to ensure nothing distracts you from the main event. Read More Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Homeowners eschewed grocery stores this summer in favor of growing their own fruits and vegetables.

As you might recall, so many people were buying seeds in a panic, a shortage ensued in some areas. The good news: Your garden may now be bursting with seeds you can grab, store, and plant next spring. Read More


October 2020


Harness Nature, Help LA Thrive
Plant Year Round Thanksgiving


LABC Awards
USGBC-LA Game Night


Host Thanksgiving Outside
Harvest Seeds Now


Globe and Indian Mallows
Beautiful Brittlebush
…and More!


LABC Award Nomination
This Team Votes!
Certified Safety


Oct 22: LABC Awards

Dec 3: USGBC-LA Game Night




While LA native trees tend to keep their leaves in fall, we are far from bereft of fall color.

Desert Globemallow blooms much of the year but tends to catch the eye most in fall, as do butter-yellow Indian Mallow Blooms.

The silver foliage of Brittlebush fills with golden-yellow blooms.

See more October Blooms.



Congrats Matloff Family!

Each year the Los Angeles Business Council recognizes sustainable architecture in Los Angeles. Congratulations Matloff Family on your nomination!


This Team Votes!

Our team members will have a half day off November 3rd to ensure they are able to cast their votes. We hope, whether you vote early, by mail or at the polls, you’ll join us in guiding this beautiful city forward.

Certified Safety Compliance

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