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This month reminded us of the power of partnership.
We are incredibly grateful to Emi Yoshimura, Nadia Hagen and Descanso Gardens for the opportunity to showcase the important expertise of fire wise landscape experts and community garden instigators.

Our friends J Lopez, James Carlson and Kitty Connolly, Suzanne Haller, Hilda Weiss, Maria De Leon, and Roger Klemm were so incredibly generous with their know how and time. We loved learning from you and sharing you!

We appreciate those who helped us prepare materials for interviews, including Plant Right and Cal-IPC. This thing took a village, and we are so happy to share ours with you!

Last, but certainly not least, we appreciate each of you who came to learn and enrich both our know-how and the discussion. Thank you.

We are ready! Now. Let’s fight some fires!


Cassy and Kirk


September’s Santa Ana winds spark the start of LA’s traditional fire season. With fires burning through out the state, throughout the year, “now” is the new best time to take action.

KTLA:  Cassy discusses the myths about fire wise landscaping that endanger Los Angeles and the most important things we can do to in our gardens protect lives, property and LA. View

By FormLA Staff: Who hasn’t, at some point, wanted to be a fire fighter? Good news! We can all help fight LA fires… from our gardens! Read More

Think you already know LA’s most problematic arsonists? Test Yourself!



Some like it hot. While many non-native gardens melted in the high heat of the foothills and valley this year, native gardens like the Authentic Foothill Gardens and Sunland Welcome Nature Garden are thriving.


Blooming Now

Yes, elsewhere autumn is time for barren branches. Here, it is just another season for blooms. Check them out: Blooming Now!


Sustain Your Garden

Think you have a native that needs recitation? It’s possible she just needs a nap.

To prepare for fire season, revisit our Disaster Prevention Checklist.

To keep your garden at its best, check our Fall Maintenance Checklist for our month-by-month to-dos.


September 2018


Protect Yourself, Protect LA
Fight Invasives, Fight Fire
Plant Fast Growers


Huntington Gardens


Blooming Now
Sustaining Your Garden


Life Saving at Descanso
Create a Legacy!


October 11: Fire-Wise Garden Design, Huntington Library

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Life Saving Garden Strategies

We can’t wait to share what we learned from our workshops at Descanso Gardens! In the meantime:

Thank you Kitty Connolly, James Carlson and J Lopez for your sharing your fire wise landscaping insights!

Thank you Suzanne Haller, Hilda Weiss, Maria De Leon and Roger Klemm fore taking the intimidation out of instigating neighborhood change!


Create a Legacy!

USGBC-LA has just opened its request for Legacy Project proposals. If you have a plan for improving LA’s resilience and could use green building expertise and muscle, Please Apply! • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
phone 818.353.7030 • 310.979.9002 • fax 818.353.6837 •
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