Green Building Conference

Date: May 20-21, 2022

Time: 1:45 pm

Location: Los Angeles Trade Tech College (Directions)

RSVP: MyGBCE Registration
The thought leading Los Angeles Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC-LA) will host a 2-day hybrid event focused on improving our built (and unbuilt) environments. FormLA Landscaping helped curate three important conversations.

Think Home First, 1:45 PM, Friday May 20
Most home ignitions are caused by wind-driven embers that can travel for miles and bypass landscapes on the way to vulnerable architecture. The best way to protect lives and property is to address those vulnerabilities first. Learn more from experts and innovators including CALFIRE’s J Lopez, City of Malibu’s Mikke Pierson, PlantPrefab’s Amy Sims, the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountain’s Clark Stevens, and Allied Disaster and Defense’s Tim Baur.
Peacebuilding with Nature, 2:45 PM, Friday May 20
Nature plays a profound role in supporting human development and inspires harmony. In the community of Watts, peacebuilders with The Reverence Project who helped facilitate decades-long improvements in public safety are turning their attention to the community’s need for more green infrastructure and park space. As they do so, designers with the Altier class of Professor Marcela Oliva with Los Angeles Trade Tech College’s Architecture Program are providing tools to enable community-driven design.
Peacebuilding with Nature, 10:30 AM, Saturday, May 21st
USGBC-LA’s Urban Landscaping Committee aims to increase the equitable distribution of nature in Los Angeles. As part of that effort, they are creating a toolkit to support community beautification projects. Have experience creating community gardens? Have a space you’d like to beautify? Join us to ask questions and provide feedback to aid the creation of this resource.