Increase Green Infrastructure

Nature’s Critical Role in Achieving Green Building Goals

Date: Thursday, September 23, 2021

Time: 11:15- 12:45 am (Full Schedule)

Location: Greenbuild 2021 Conference and Expo, San Diego and Online

Registration: Required for Members and Non-Members Available Now
Tree canopy, birdsong, fragrant blooms… nature profoundly impacts our wellbeing. In fact, a “dose” of nature can be as effective as medication for treating PTSD and ADHD. It can speed physical healing after surgery and inspire greater health-promoting movement. It also supports our social wellbeing, providing space facilitates positive interaction and levels inequities. Yet, cities across the globe have neglected green infrastructure for decades. So has the green building community.

This panel will analyze the green building community’s relationship to green infrastructure, assess our responsibility to expand it, and differentiate the forms of green infrastructure that make greatest possible impact. It will explain both the costs of action and inaction. We will explain and explore:

  1. What is nature’s impact on human (mental, physical and social) health?
  2. Why has our green infrastructure declined?
  3. Where can green infrastructure best support health? How?
  4. When in the planning-to-building process should green infrastructure be considered?
  5. Which landscaping choices produce the greatest positive and negative health impacts?
  6. How does green infrastructure impact LEED certification?
  7. What are the costs of expanding green infrastructure? Of the status quo?

We hope you’ll take part in the discussion!