Hike and Learn with the Aoyagis


Date:  May 16, 2009

Time: 9:30 am

Location: Trailhead at the top of Arroyo, JPL La Canada

Parking: Lot and street parking at the top of Arroyo

Attire: Dress for rocky terrain and to protect arms and legs from abundant poison oak along the sides of the trail. Sunscreen is also recommended.

Special Considerations: Please avoid leaving valuables in vehicles.


Wild lilies and peonies, nearly-ripe figs, native tobacco, and medicinal l tea plants line the trail of this 5-mile (round-trip), 3-hour hike. The lilies were minutes from blooming during our March 28th hike, and we expect a beautiful show this weekend!

Enjoy scenic views while learning about native plants and drinking in the scents and sounds of nature during our most vibrant season. Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi, founders of FormLA Landscaping, will lead a moderately challenging hike up the shady side of the JPL La Canada Loop. Cassy will discuss the native plants along the trail, the riparian and desert microclimates supporting them, and how they would likely perform in a garden setting. She will also highlight the culinary and medicinal uses of various plants.

As the quantity of edible plants is unpredictable, we do advise you to bring snacks along with the water you will need for the trail. Your leashed pets are welcome to join us.