L.A.’s Evolving Aesthetics with Emily Green

Emily Green Interviews David Brown and Cassy Aoyagi


Dates:  Sunday, May 31, 2015, 3:00 p.m.

Location:  Dwell on DesignLA Convention Center

Parking:  West Hall Parking, LA Convention Center

Tickets:  Tickets on Sale Now!


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Intrepid Los Angeles reporter Emily Green will interview Descanso Gardens Executive Director David R. Brown and FormLA Landscaping President Cassy Aoyagi about the potential impact of the drought on the aesthetics of Los Angeles.

With California pushing hard for more drought-tolerant landscaping, will L.A. start looking less like England and more like Arizona? What will happen to our tree canopy? Many Angelenos seem to think extreme aesthetic change is necessary, yet cacti and gravel are no more authentic to Los Angeles than lawns and roses. Experts Cassy Aoyagi and David Brown will discuss the aesthetic dangers of drought and an authentic Look for L.A.—one that is lush and vibrant while needing little water.

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Cassy will also speak about drought with Thad Orr, editor and chief, Garden Design, alongside landscape experts from San Francisco and Arizona.


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