Sustainable Pest Management Course

Sustainable Pest Management Course

Date:  Thursday, November 4th

Time:  4:00-7:00 pm

Location:  Santa Monica College-Bundy Campus, 3171 S Bundy Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90066-1016 Map

Cost:  Free

Registration:  Call 310) 434-3400; Visit Online Instructions

Requirements:  For Professionals Only (No business/contractor license required.)

As part of a multi-course sustainable maintenance series, FormLA Maintenance Care Supervisor Noe Grandoes teaches a bi-lingual course on Sustainable Pest Management for professionals, sponsored by the City of Santa Monica and hosted by Russell Ackerman.

Learn how to use biological and chemical methods to control pests.  Find out what plants help create a beneficial habitat for helpful insects, like the lacewings and lady bugs pictured here. Discover the life cycles of various insects and how to use that information to your advantage.

Mantenimiento de plagas. Aprenda:

  • Cómo usar químicos y biológicos para controlar plagas
  • Descubra cuales plantas ayudan beneficial el ambiente de insectos buenos
  • Descubra el ciclo de vida de varios insectos y como usar la información para subeneficio