Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour

April 4, 2009 – April 5, 2009

Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour

Four gardens designed and installed by FormLA Landscaping are featured on this self-guided tour of Los Angeles’ most noteworthy native residential landscapes. Each FormLA produced garden contains 70-100 percent native plants, reflecting the garden owners’ commitment to sustainable living.

In touring the FormLA gardens, visitors will experience both basic and cutting edge approaches to sustainable landscaping. In Markota, Palmer, and Rosen gardens, Mediterraneans mix with native plants to create focal points, accent the architecture, and soften paths and walks.. The Sanchez outdoor living spaces are comprised entirely of California Natives, echoing nature in its truest form. Taking further lessons from California’s wild spaces, FormLA utilized climate-compatible plants to turn challenging terrain, including tight spaces and steep slopes, into breathtakingly beautiful and inviting outdoor living spaces.

In addition to the living landscape, visitors will see some of FormLA’s compelling custom work. At the Markota residence, for example, FormLA built a cage for two desert tortoises. The Rosen residence incorporates a variety of outdoor art assembled from recycled parts and blown glass, including a Hawk made of a motorcycle fuel tank. Both the Palmer and Sanchez residences incorporate native meadows, which deliver the functionality and beauty of a traditional lawn while requiring less water and maintenance.

We are happy to have this opportunity to show you these distinct, sustainable outdoor living spaces and grateful to the participating clients for sharing their outdoor homes.

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