Wet-to-Dry Native Garden Design


Date:  January 30, 2010

Time: 1:30-3:30 pm

Location: Theodore Payne Foundation, 10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA

Contact: (818) 768-1802

Cost:  $20 TPF members, $25 non-members


One of the more challenging aspects of designing with natives can be identifying  plants that provide the look, feel and utility of those commonly used in cultivated landscapes.  In this lecture, FormLA President Cassy Aoyagi will:

  • Identify ways to exchange wet for dry-loving plants that meet common landscaping needs and challenges
  • Discuss the advantages and challenges of using natives and non-natives for various purposes
  • Illustrate native pairings and groupings that look beautiful and thrive together

Those who attend the lecture will most certainly gain an advantage in winning FormLA’s Wet-to-Dry Exchange contests.  Curious?  Take the Latest Wet-to-Dry Exchange Challenge

FormLA Landscaping President Cassy Aoyagi is a LEED® accredited professional, a board member of the Theodore Payne Foundation, and sits on the L.A. County subcommittee recommending sustainable landscaping guidelines for water conservation.Read Cassy’s Full Biography