Theodore Payne Foundation

Two Organizations, One Philosophy

Theodore Payne Foundation for (California!) Wildflowers and Native Plants and FormLA Landscaping share a common president of the board in Cassy Aoyagi.  We also share a common philosophy.  We believe choosing native foliage ensures Los Angeles thrives while rocking a look distinctive from anywhere else in the world.  Theodore Payne Foundation promotes this uniquely California aesthetic, educates the public about the how-tos of native gardening, and maintains a bountiful nursery of natives.

FormLA Landscaping’s affiliation with Theodore Payne Foundation includes supporting the Foundation’s mission with likeminded public education efforts, purchase of native plants from the Theodore Payne Foundation nursery, and promoting the Foundation during FormLA speaking events, at tradeshows and on tours.  The FormLA team dedicates countless hours to volunteering and supporting the organization.

Cassy’s work with the Foundation has produced notable results.  Under Cassy’s direction, the Theodore Payne Foundation has gained momentum, dramatically expanding its staff, as well as its education and outreach efforts.  In 2011, the Foundation secured funding to expand its educational facilities and programs and partnered with the California Native Plant Society to champion the dedication of California Native Plant week in April.  It recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Foundation’s popular annual garden tour, expanding the tour to include even more deliciously lovely gardens and a pre-tour gourmet garden extravaganza.

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