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As the summer comes to a close, we hope you’ve all had plenty of time to get back to nature and soak up some Vitamin D on vacay, in our hills and parks, or in your own outdoor living space.

As we approach the prime planting season of fall, we are hopeful Los Angeles will continue to grow cleaner, safer, and healthier with long-term investments in sustainable landscaping. The Foothill Water District has already reinstated sustainable landscaping incentives, and we hear rumors of other agencies and municipalities following suit.

We’ll keep you in the know about incentive opportunities through our Sustainable Landscaping LA site, this newsletter, and direct client communications. In the meantime, enjoy the last rays and flowers of summer!

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Anderson Garden Wins Award
Sustainable Maintenance Tips
Win California Natives!


Lawn Alternatives Tour
TPF Open House
Bird and Butterfly Gardens


The return of incentives


Noe Teaches Irrigation Professionals


The FormLA team would enjoy seeing you:

August 21, 2010:
City of Santa Monica Lawn Alternatives Tour.

August 22, 2010, 3-6pm:
Theodore Payne Foundation Open House for Members.

September 18, 2010:
Cassy Teaches the Green Garden Academy’s Bird and Butterfly Course.

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Contact us to request a sustainable landscaping presentation for your green organization.


Jesse Nunes leads the FormLA Maintenance Team responsible for keeping the award-winning Anderson garden in tip-top shape.

FormLA Maintenance Care Supervisor Noe Granados taught a bilingual Irrigation System Maintenance for professionals as part of a City of Santa Monica series.


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi, Principals:

Mark Britten, Production Manager:

John Avakian, Bookkeeping:

Noe Granados, Maintenance Care Supervisor:

Cara Barnard, Horticultural Care Technician:

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La Cañada Garden Wins Award

The Anderson garden of La Cañada wins award.Garden Award: The Anderson garden, designed, built and maintained by FormLA Landscaping recently won an award from La Cañada Valley Beautiful (LCVB), a non-profit dedicated to the beautification of La Cañada. The judge noted that the yard “looked loved” and complimented its “variety of color and plants,” according to LCVB President Carolyn Hanna. More

Clean, Safe, Healthy Garden Maintenance

tips for a thriving landscape free of both pests and toxic chemicalsTips: While designing a fully sustainable landscape is the best way to ensure a landscape is clean, safe, and healthy, sustainable maintenance alone can make a notable difference. The FormLA maintenance team shares tips for a thriving landscape free of both pests and toxic chemicals. More

Win California Natives!

Quiz: Win California Natives!Wet/Dry Exchange: Congratulations to wet-to-dry winners Carol Parker, Gary Trethaway, Jill Jacobson-Bennett, Leslie Hope and Michele Markota! Each won a gift certificate to Theodore Payne Foundation for identifying Red Fescue as the California native lawn that uses 70 percent less water than a traditional Koysia lawn. Learn more about this lawn alternative, or identify the best perrenial border to win the August Wet/Dry Exchange. Win!


If this is your list of DIY projects or honey-dos, consider letting FormLA do the heavy lifting! In August, clients can expect we will be:

  • Helping Foothill-area clients document their accomplishments to earn reinstituted grants and incentives for sustainable landscaping
  • Pruning Oak Trees to maintain form and function
  • Mulching heavily to protect plants from summer heat
  • Staging residences with extra lighting, heating, and container gardens (upon request) for the last BBQs of summer
  • Ensuring natives aren’t being over watered as temperatures rise (they actually love this time of year!)
  • Cutting back thriving natives, which will continue through December
  • Continuing to control, structure and thin shrubs, ornamentals and Mediterraneans
  • Removing volunteers, invasive plants and infectious material to reduce pests and disease
  • Rinsing foliage to improve transpiration during high heat periods • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
phone 818.353.7030 • 310.979.9002 • fax 818.353.6837 •
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