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Summer is just a few days away – light up the BBQ, harvest a little mojito mint and enjoy – we’ve made sure your gardens are ready for the party! We hope you’ll join us for one more party of our own… the sparkling celebration of modern design at Dwell on Design, LA. We’ve traded the willows and woodwork that complemented the Monterey Colonial at Showcase for steel and stone in our breathtaking booth. Please join us and enjoy!

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Tour an Edible Garden of Eden
Garden Portfolio: FormLA’s 9th Showcase garden, the Willow Pavilion at a Monterey Colonial home in Arcadia, evoked several questions from tour guests. For the answers, from what foliage produced the garden’s evocative, fragrance and vibrant colors to the how-tos of designing scrumptiously beautiful edible gardens, listen to the Home Wizard’s interview with Cassy and Kirk while perusing the garden portfolio. Visit the Willow Pavilion
Take the Showcase Tour with HomeWizards
Tips: On May 4th, Cindy Dole and Eric Stromer of HomeWizards asked Cassy and other Showcase designers to walk them through the most noteworthy aspects of their designs. Join Cindy, Eric and Cassy in touring the Willow Pavilion for great tips on translating this look for your own outdoor space. Listen
Taste Our Showcase Garden
Tips/Portfolio: When photographing the Willow Pavilion, Orly Olivier couldn’t resist the blueberries. Her site Petit Takett featured recipes that incorporate edibles from the Showcase garden. Wondering what to do with the edibles FormLA has harvested from your spring garden? Here are some great ideas! Get Recipes
Sage Advice: Salvia vs. Salvia
Wet/Dry: Regardless of whether you need amazing fragrance, dramatic foliage variety, or fresh and flavorful herbs, salvia will serve you well. We’ve highlighted the charms of specific salvias over the years, as most are both perennial and hardy. There are, however, exceptions. View Now


Normally we focus on getting your garden ready to party and protecting you from Tier 2 water prices this time of year. With fire season starting early this year, our top priority is keeping you out of the heat! Please fax your fire inspection notice to us (818-353-6837). We will:

Protect homes from fires:

  • Raise low branches on shrubs, keeping foliage off the ground
  • Open shrubbery and reduce flammable material with structural pruning
  • Remove all dead material and weed growth
  • Clear foliage away from rooflines and eaves
  • Maintain proper spacing among plants
  • Follow fire code restrictions within 200 feet of structures

Get ready to party!

  • Deadhead to keep sumner blooms coming
  • Refresh container gardens for added pop
  • Check oaks for pruning (July – September)
  • Check lighting for efficiency and drama
  • Shine up hardscapes and ready BBQs!



Tour an Edible Garden of Eden
Take the Showcase Tour with HomeWizards
Taste Our Showcase Garden
Sage Advice: Salvia vs. Salvia


Dwell on Design Show
Cassy on Modern, Native Landscapes
Santa Monica Conservancy Garden Tour


Protect homes from fires
Get ready to party!


Library Workshop
Grand Opening in Sunland


June 21-23: Dwell on Design Show
June 22: Cassy on Modern, Native Landscapes
August 18: Santa Monica Conservancy Garden Tour

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Thank you to Sacred Heart and the Boy Scouts for infusing our bi-annual drought tolerant garden maintenance workshop day at the La Canada Valley Library with youthful energy! Youth from both organizations joined La Canada Valley Beautiful, community members and FormLA Landscaping teams in giving the La Canada Public Library Gardens of the World all the love they need to showcase the beauty of climate compatible plants. Watch for news of our fall workshop to join the fun!

Congratulations and thank you to Roger Klemm for championing the redesign of the Sunland Welcome Nature Garden! We enjoyed celebrating the grand opening with our neighbors and look forward to seeing this native showcase grow.

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FormLA® Landscaping designs, builds and maintains custom sustainable landscapes that beautifully complement the distinct and varied architecture of Los Angeles County. See our expanding Portfolio.


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