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We fall for autumn every year! And what’s not to love? Some of the most stunning sunsets of the year, 20 degree cooler weather, and the ideal time to plant California native foliage.

As record heat and water rationing tested native gardens through the summer, your established gardens held their lush and lovely ground! When your neighbors ask how you did it, join us at TPF’s fall sale to tempt them with an extravaganza of native beauty.

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Landscape in a Time of Drought
Gallery – InsideHookLA, By Reuben Brody: Newsflash: we’re in a drought. You’ve probably heard. Here’s another newsflash: as long as SoCal imports its water, we’ll always have supply issues. Always. Especially when 40-60 percent of it goes to keeping non-native lawns lush. Tour
Plant Water Wise This Autumn
Tips – Los Angeles Times, By Lisa Boone: How to tackle fall planting in Southern Cali fornia during the third straight year of drought and the diminishing likelihood of El Niño storms this winter? At the very least, Los Angeles gardening experts agree that planting in the fall is water-wise as new plants require less irrigation due to the cooler weather and will be well established by next summer. Read More
Support a Sustainable Sierra Madre
Service: At the city’s request, FormLA Landscaping designed a lush and vibrant sustainable garden to replace the dead lawn surrounding Sierra Madre City Hall. Check out the design plan and learn how you can help bring an inspiring demonstration garden to Sierra Madre! Read More
Stabilize Slopes with Rosemary
Wet-to-Dry: Fall is a great time of year to stabilize slopes and reduce maintenance needs by reducing water usage. Drought tolerant prostrate Rosemary covers many a Los Angeles slope, but is it as good as it gets? Read More

Expect FormLA Teams+

Not only is autumn is the best time to plant, establish and enjoy native gardens, it is when the Theodore Payne Foundation’s wide variety of native plants are on sale. We will:

Keep Thriving Gardens Structured:

  • Prune conifers and other deciduous trees and deep-feeding citrus trees
  • Continue to cut back natives and native grasses to prepare for December growth spurts
  • Dividing grasses
  • Planting, planting, planting!

Protecting Homes by Maintaining Outdoor Water Systems:

  • Turn down irrigation controllers as the heat dials back
  • Adjusting irrigation and lighting timers for day light savings
  • Changing batteries on the controllers, battery operated valves and rain sensors
  • Installing and testing rain sensors
  • Cleaning gutters and checking water ways in preparation for rainy season



Landscape in a Time of Drought
Plant Water Wise This Autumn
Support a Sustainable Sierra Madre
Stabilize Slopes with Rosemary


TPF Native Plant Sale
Drought Tolerant Gardening Workshop
Be Water Wise at the Thursday Club
Hike and Learn with Cassy
TPF Gathering of Friends


Keep Thriving Gardens Structured
Protecting Homes by Maintaining Outdoor Water Systems


Art City LA


October 10-18: Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Sale

October 18: Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop

October 26: Be Water Wise at the Thursday Club

November 1: Hike and Learn with Cassy Hosted by TPF

November 7: Theodore Payne Foundation Gathering of Friends

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Cassy Aoyagi spoke at Art City LA as part of LA Innovation Week. View

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