January 2015: Descanso’s Center Circle

Latest News: Inspiring a New Aesthetic, Look for Lush, Perform Beautifully

Upcoming Events: Theodore Payne Tours, Descanso Opening, Neighborhood Tours and Talks, Dwell on Design

What to Expect: Prepare for Spring Growth, Get Ready for a Dry Year

Team Update: Weiss Garden Wins Award, Jorge Lopez Returns

December 2014: When in Drought, Lead

Latest News: Laugh at Drought, Lead in Drought, Rein with Golden Blooms

Upcoming Events: Descanso Walk and Talk

Wat to Expect: Winter Vegetables, Structured Gardens, Rain Readiness

Team Update: New Descanso Garden, Native Garden Tour Home, Aoyagi Joins Task Force

November Newsletter

Latest News: Get Ready to Play, Save Our Health, Host Outdoor Thanksgiving, Savor Purple Blooms

What to Expect: Bringing Beauty into Client Homes, Cutting Back Natives, Feeding Fruits, Preparing for Potential Rain

Team Update: TPF Gathering of Friends, Drought Tolerant Workshop