October 2015: How to Save Slopes, Water, and LA’s Trees

Latest News: Save Your Slopes, Save More Water, Save Our Trees

Upcoming Events: Drought Maintenance Workshop, Native Installation Workshop

What to Expect: Plant Natives, Maintain Water Systems

Team Update: Authentic Plant Palettes, FormLA Is Hiring!

September 2015: Your Landscape Look. Is Native Enough?

Latest News: What’s Your (Landscape) Look?, Is Native Enough?, Pool vs. Lawn

Upcoming Events: Descanso Talk & Walk

What to Expect: Bountiful Harvests, Abundant Foliage, Just Enough Water

Team Update: New Look for Sierra Madre, New Look for Studio City

August 2015: New L.A. Lawns, Houzz Patios, HGTV Kitchens

Latest News: 11 Magnifique Patios, Inspiring Outdoor Kitchens, Hey LA! Keep Your Lawn

Upcoming Events: Sierra Madre Dedication, Sierra Madre Speed Learning, A New Look for Studio City

What to Expect: Protect Garden Beauty from Drought, Get Ready for Growth!

Team Update: Living Well with Less Water