November Newsletter

Latest News: Get Ready to Play, Save Our Health, Host Outdoor Thanksgiving, Savor Purple Blooms

What to Expect: Bringing Beauty into Client Homes, Cutting Back Natives, Feeding Fruits, Preparing for Potential Rain

Team Update: TPF Gathering of Friends, Drought Tolerant Workshop

October 2014 Newsletter

Latest News: Landscape in a Time of Drought, Plant Water Wise This Autumn, Support a Sustainable Sierra Madre, Stabilize Slopes with Rosemary or Chamise?

Upcoming Events: TPF Native Plant Sale, Drought Tolerant Gardening Workshop, Be Water Wise at the Thursday Club, Hike and Learn with Cassy, TPF Gathering of Friends

What to Expect: Keep Thriving Gardens Structured, Protecting Homes by Maintaining Outdoor Water Systems

September 2014 Newsletter

Latest News: Walk Fruitfully with HOLA, Secure Our Water Future, Snatch a Snack (Native Grapes)

Upcoming Events: Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop, Be Water Wise at the Thursday Club
Theodore Payne Foundation Gathering of Friends

What to Expect: Feed You and Your Garden, Protecting Garden Beauty from Drought

Team Update: FormLA and HOLA