December 2011 Newsletter

Latest Events: Fire Portfolio, Sustainable Fire Tips, FormLA in Dwell

Upcoming Events: Save the Dates, Request FormLA Speakers

What to Expect: Gifts, Deep Pruning, Preparation for Rains

Team Update: Maintenance Workshop, Toluca Garden Club, TPF at Catalina, USGBC Gala, Showcase Garden

October 2011 Newsletter

Latest News: Woolly Pockets, Thanksgiving Décor, Edible Gardens, Weed-Free

Upcoming Events: Library Maintenance, USGBC Green Gala, Toluca Lake Garden Club

What to Expect: Bountiful harvests, Beautiful foliage, Irrigation dial-backs

Team Update: UCLA ASLA Tour, TreePeople Harvest Moon, Airport Gardens

August 2011 Newsletter

Latest News: Veloz Garden, Graywater, Football Season

Upcoming Events: ASLA “Urban Edge,” TreePeople’s Harvest Moon, Santa Monica Demonstration, CalTech Y Golf Tournament, Gardens of the World

What to Expect: Native and edible gardens

Team Update: In Loving Memory