February 2011 Newsletter

Latest News: Permeable Patios, Infiltration Systems, Plant Cercis

Upcoming Events: Theodore Payne Foundation Gala, Pasadena Showcase Ticket Sale, Save the Dates

What to Expect: Planting and weeding!

Team Update: Jill Van Sickle, Landscape Designer, Pasadena Showcase “Empty House” Party

January 2011 Newsletter

Latest News: Lorraine’s Leading Landscape, Saving for a Rain[less] Day, Aristada v. Stipa

Upcoming Events: Save 2011 Garden Tour Dates

What to Expect: Protecting homes, Pruning for blooming

Team Update: Cara Barnard, Maintenance Manager; Landscape Industry Show Gadgets

December 2010 Newsletter

Latest News: Tour Echo Park Garden, Read LA Times Interview, Keckiella vs. Russelia

What to Expect: Planting, Planting, Planting, Cleaning Gutters, Deep Feeding Citrus Trees

Team Update: Pasadena Showcase House, Pacific Palisades Garden Tour, Aoyagi Teacher of the Year