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We were thrilled to see so many people interested in replacing their lawns at the City of Santa Monica’s Lawn Alternatives Tour in August.

People came from throughout the County to learn how to produce beautiful, chemical-free lawns by planting native grasses and other water wise alternatives. Thank you to Russell Ackerman and the City of Santa Monica for including us in this great service event!

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


InStyle on the Tunney Garden
Sunset Feature Natives
Cassy’s WELO kTalk
Lavatera vs. Hibiscus


Bird and Butterfly Gardens
Brookside Golf Tournament
Pest Management for Pros
LEED® Landscaping


Rejuvenating Natives
Municipal Incentives


TPF Open House
Kirk Earned CLIA


The FormLA team would enjoy seeing you:

September 18, 2010:
Cassy Teaches the Green Garden Academy’s Bird and Butterfly Course.

September 24, 2010:
Sundance award-winning Dirt! The Movie showing at the Santa Monica Pier.

October 8, 2010:
Brookside Golf Tournament Auction includes FormLA Consultations.

November 4, 2010:
Noe Granados teaches Pest Management for Professionals sponsored by the City of Santa Monica (Bi-lingual).

November 9, 2010:
FormLA President Cassy Aoyagi and City of Santa Monica Green Building Program Advisor Brenden McEneaney co-teach Landscaping for LEED®.

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Cassy Aoyagi was honored as the incoming president of the board for Theodore Payne Foundation at the organization’s annual membership open house August 22.

Kirk Aoyagi
Kirk Aoyagi earned a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor accreditation from the Irrigation Association (IA).


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi, Principals:

Mark Britten, Production Manager:

John Avakian, Bookkeeping:

Noe Granados, Maintenance Care Supervisor:

Cara Barnard, Horticultural Care Technician:

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Enjoy the Tunney Garden in InStyle Magazine

Tunney GardenGarden Profile: The Mentalist’s Robin Tunney adores her FormLA -revived garden, telling InStyle: “I love looking at the trees and flowers here…” FormLA provided a strategic infusion of foliage, regular love and care, and a bright array of Eli Bonerz pots in preparation for the shoot. More

See the Otero’s Natives in Sunset Magazine

Otero Sunset MagazineGarden Profile: See some of Cassy’s favorite fall-blooming natives, performing beautifully in the Otero’s garden in Sunset Senior Garden Editor Sharon Cahoon’s blog. More

Maximize Your WELO Benefits

Maximize Your WELO BenefitsCassy Aoyagi explains how to maximize the benefits of complying with LA County’s multiplicity of Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances in this kTalk by aecKnowledge. With the right planning, WELO compliance can create healthier, safer outdoor spaces; save time and money; earn rebates, refunds, grants, and LEED® points. More

Lavatera or Hibiscus for BIG Flowers

Wet/Dry Exchange: Congratulations to wet-to-dry winners Kathleen Schwartz, Gary Trethaway, Leslie Hope and Michele Markota! Each won a gift certificate to Theodore Payne Foundation for identifying Aster as the better perrenial border. Learn more about the trade-offs between Aster and Brachyschome or identify the best shrub with BIG flowers to. Win!


As the summer heat fades, Fall presents new opportunities to beautify and build sustainable gardens. If you are a FormLA client, you can expect our teams to be doing some heavy lifting… if not, this may serve as a useful list of DIY or honey-do projects. In September, we will:

  • Harvest fresh herbs and veggies from home gardens for fantastic fall meals
  • Set irrigation systems to water less often and more deeply to help existing landscapes establish tolerance to drought conditions
  • Identify garden areas to fill-in with fall planting
  • Evaluate the fall and winter pruning needs of trees
  • Prune California natives that have completed their cycle of growth for the year, allowing them to rejuvenate and prepare for a new flush of growth as days get shorter, weather gets cooler and rains arrive.
  • Watch for expected new rebates and other sustainable landscaping incentives offered by water districts and municipalities throughout L.A. County. • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
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