Eco-Flip Homes!

July 2023. By Isara Ongwiseth: Friend and client Stephen Matloff, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tradicient, shared the eco-ethic of his historic home flipping business with green realtor Izumi Tanaka for Home Green Home. It’s a compelling listen!

Steve served as the general contractor for the renovation of his own family home, The Matloff Family Residence. Architects Steve Glenn and Amy Sims helped the Matloff family renovate the compelling structure, while the FormLA team and I helped renovate the outdoor spaces. Together, we achieved remarkable results. The property earned LEED Platinum Certification and a Sustainable Innovation Award for Water Conservation.

It delighted us to see the renovation covered by Lisa Boone and Allen J. Shapen in the Los Angeles Times. Allen’s photos capture how this new, efficient garden actually looks more in keeping with the home’s historic architecture than the typical Hancock Park lawn might. Vital after an exceptionally hot summer with dramatic water restrictions, the story poetically navigates the strategies we used to create that kind of resilience.

The home renovation focused on ensuring improvements in efficiency did not take away from its abundant historical charm. In fact, from the street, it appears as if they conserved every architectural detail. They achieved a similar feet with the interior, dramatically improving the home’s efficiency and livability while keeping its character and footprint.

Each time we hear Steve speak about Tradicient and the possibilities for protecting LA’s distinctive architecture as we improve efficiency, we are inspired. Hope Izumi’s engaging interviews uplift you too!