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Work of Evolving a Generational Garden Is One Part Play, One Part Love

February 20, 2019. By Isara Ongwiseth: The Joyce’s deeply wooded garden, featured on the Theodore Payne Foundation‘s new, seasonal Sunday in the Garden series this February, has a special place in my heart. Its playful beauty – and the giant swing – captured my imagination from my first visit!

In partnership with the Joyce’s, we’ve worked to evolve the space into a “generational gift.” This meant preserving some established features, most notably the established trees at the back of the property. The dry river placed at the edge of their canopies honors and supports their resilience. By encouraging greater proximity, the trail beneath them helps inspire wandering and a sense of awe in their ever-changing beauty.
Approaching the garden as a generational gift also meant providing a structure that would support play, experimentation and evolution. Both of the Joyce’s enjoy bringing new plants home and experimenting with their placement. The outdoor kitchen and lounge, dry river and meadow are at once complete enough and a structure to guide new additions.

No one can describe this space better than the two wonderful people who live in and evolve it day-to-day. Lucky for us, we captured some of their joy!
Susan and Jon, thank you for welcoming visitors into this space once again, it was uplifting to share the day with you and to absorb the love you’ve infused into the space!


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