5 Tips for Commercial Spaces

Simple Steps to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

The right landscape can increase sales, increase consumers’ willingness to travel to you, reduce your operating costs, decrease crime and vandalism, and increase productivity, health and enjoyment in your space.

These five simple steps will deliver the greatest impact with the least effort:

  1. Plant trees, increase patronage. Trees produce enormous, multi-faceted benefits. Shoppers report willingness to spend 8-12 percent more for goods and services in business districts with tree canopies, and they are willing to travel to enjoy them. Not only that, people judged the quality of retail items higher where shops have tree cover! Tree canopies also cool streets by as much as 20 degrees, and this cooling also leads to reduced energy costs.
  2. Plant native foliage, reduce costs. Native foliage will thrive in your climate with less water, no toxic chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and with reduced maintenance. To achieve the best results, plant small and allow ample space to grow. Plants will establish more readily, and plants increase in value as they grow. (Sample Palettes) To amplify the savings, install low-flow, subsurface drip irrigation on weather controllers.
  3. Bring in nature, increase productivity. Indoor plants clean the air of VOCs, supporting health and wellness. They have also been shown to improve concentration, productivity, and sales. No room for plants indoors? Views of external landscapes can also increase job satisfaction and concentration.
  4. Maintain what you create. The health of foliage and cleanliness of outdoor spaces has a compelling impact on sales, patronage, rents, enjoyment, property values, commercial rents, and crime. It’s worth the time.
  5. Educate the community. Sustainably landscaping your property will improve the value of nearby homes, support the stability of community stormwater infrastructure, save water, and reduce maintenance time. Let the community know how you are contributing – people are more likely to spend more with and frequent businesses they see as responsible community partners!

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