LA Walks and Drives

Cultivate Creativity with Distinctive Hardscapes

By Cassy Aoyagi:  Virtually every other area of the country has to factor snow and shoveling snow into their landscaping choices.  Drives, walks, patios, all are designed to be easy to find under a layer of fluffy white and smooth enough to avoid catching shovels.


In developing a distinctive outdoor aesthetic for Los Angeles, we have no such constraint. Our moving and gathering spaces can be full of texture and varied forms. They can move with us naturally, like rivers, like trails. They can incorporate life, adding greater greenery and vitality to virtually any kind of space.

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The opportunity is bigger than simply creating a look that is distinctive from any other city.  LA’s dreamy climate means we have the opportunity to create a look uniquely our own, perfectly suited to the way we live and the architecture of the homes we love.

Hardscapes like these that allow people and water to go with the flow also translate into greater greenery.  By allowing water to pass through to the soil, nearby foliage gets a drink without needing to be served by irrigation. If cisterns or rainbarrels are added to the team, landscapes save for a rain-free day, and live off those savings throughout the year.


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