Count Birds and Blessings

Native Gardens are the perfect place to count LA’s birdy-blessings

December 10, 2020. By Oscar Ortega: If you are someone who delights in befriending the feathered among us, December offers a distinctive opportunity to document your joy!

The Audubon Society invites bird lovers to make note of holiday carolers and humming guests during its annual Christmas Bird Count. This year will be the 121st! Birders throughout North America and well into South America collaborate to document bird life in their communities. Birders often travel to natural spaces to capture concerts for the count, yet urban spaces with native plants will bring birds within ear (and camera) shot.

Audubon defines 11 circles for Angeleno participation – all but one (Torrance/Long Beach) are open to new participants. Here is an inside tip from your in-garden team: This time of year, we hear plenty of tweeting and humming emanating from Christmas Berry, Lemonade Berry and Sugar Berry. These hedges fill with life and song through the holidays!


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