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Pasadena Garden Transforms from Sunny Delight to Shady Oasis

August 2021. By Isara Ongwiseth: When FormLA Landscaping friend Suzanne Haller invited us to share a garden with the Compulsive Gardeners Class at the LA Arboretum, she asked us to illustrate the current landscaping trends with a timeless quality. Bea and Tom Schumacher’s Pasadena garden beautifully strikes this balance, and it’s such a joy to share it!

The space may be familiar to you. While this is the first time we’ve shared photos of the full garden, it was featured on the Creative Arts Group‘s Art of the Garden Tour in 2019. At that time, Tom and Bea generously shared their expertise and experiences with the well-established and shady back garden as well as the sunny, newly-installed front.

Even if you joined us then, I suspect the garden will feel new to you now. In just a year, the front garden has evolved from well-structured to boisterously beautiful under Tom’s care. Tom joined me in providing the Compulsives tour below as well, adding a depth of perspective gained in his active management and enjoyment of the space.

Bea also generously contributed perspective, once again, with Annie Thornton of Houzz for their Yard of the Week. Annie details our journey together from Bea and Tom’s vision for transforming their expanses of lawn to how the garden’s evolution transformed their mode of living.

It was a joy to help Bea and Tom bring their dreams to life, and we are incredibly grateful to them for sharing their space and dreams with us, the Compulsives Class, Houzz and now with you!


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