Dream a Bright Future


we intend to take you to new places and new heights in 2021

January 20, 2021. By Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi: Each year, we think through what we want to provide to you and to LA. We consider what we hope to become for the world more generally. Usually, it feels like we are taking the next logical step. Last year, it felt like the staircase disappeared, as our teams worked valiantly to reconfigure virtually every business process we had. It was trying. Yet, it forced us to see new ways to bring value.

The need to adapt made our dreaming so much richer. Can we share where we hope to take you in the year to come?


Private Sanctuaries

Even as we work to ensure our clients’ gardens serve as their sanctuaries, building their resilience and peace of mind in trying times, we’ve found new ways to share these spaces with you. As we do so, we hope to share the peace of mind along with the beauty!

Last year’s virtual tours helped us showcase gardens from the owner’s and designer’s points of view in new ways. It made it possible to take you into petite gardens that cannot accommodate tour crowds. We could bring you up steep terrain that would be difficult to navigate in person. We’ll do more of these excursions in the year to come, bringing you back to tour-favorite gardens and into new gems too.

Online formats mean we’ll be able to answer more of your questions and provide more tips from our design+build and sustainable maintenance experts along the way.



Summer, Autumn & Winter

In 2021, we’ll dig beyond the surface beauty of spring garden tours. This year, the Native Plant Garden Tour will showcase a smaller set of gardens, but capture them throughout the seasons. Can you imagine a better way to illustrate the distinctive value of choosing foliage authentic to Los Angeles?

We recently visited the FormLA garden selected for the tour. Even in the depths of winter, it is green, lush, leafy, verdant, and full of wildlife and the hummm of tiny wings. We can’t wait to share the joy and wonder we feel in this space!



Beyond Landscape

As people spend more time at home, our confinement and an abundance of great reporting on the positive health benefits of nature have created the opportunities for new conversations. We’ll be joining interior designers to speak to the aesthetic and health value of engaging with nature, whether we are inside or out.



Beyond LA

Where there has been fear, we see champions empowering us with the know-how to create safer space. The LA Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC-LA) will draw our attention to home-hardening interventions – our greatest hope for saving lives and properties from wildfire. During a June conference on firewise green building, they’ll take us beyond Los Angeles to include tours of danger-mitigating homes and landscapes in each region of California.

We’ve moved beyond mourning the next logical step we counted on being before us. We’ve moved beyond yearning for certainty. We are exhilarated by the opportunities of the moment as it is and hopeful it will make our reemergence into a world where we can all safely engage in person that much richer and more rewarding as a result.

We look forward to walking side by side with you into this new world, full of hope and possibilities.


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