Plant Love

Give Blooms that Will Grow Your Love – and Habitat

February 2022. By Isara Ongwiseth: If your valentine is someone with whom you plan to grow a relationship, why buy flowers bound to wither away? There is such romance in illustrating your long-term intent with young native plants that can be expected to grow with your love and offer habitat. We find the following native blooms to be particularly romantic exchanges for typical Valentine choices:

Rosa Californica: Are roses your go-to? A rose by another name is still a rose! This is one way to be sure you bring your love roses every day for months and months each year.

Cleveland Sage: If you tend to eye the Star-Gazers, consider LA’s latest star. Even when the bloom is off the sage, Salvia Clevelandii foliage scents the air. Your love will think of you every time every time they catch a breathe of the minty-earthy fragrance.

Balcony Mix: Usually pick up the wildflower bunch? They are surprising as a wildflower bouquet yet, (like you?) don’t mind being contained!

For a little more fun: Select a plant with buds rather than blooms, you will get to watch the flowers emerge together. Or you could really level-up. If you are beyond the first bloom and ready to go big or go home, so to speak… we do have something a little deeper rooting to consider.

Manzanita: Has your love withstood fire and kept challenging times at bay? Manzanita is known for deep stability and resilience – great qualities to honor in a partner.

Oak Sapling – or Acorn: If you, on the other hand, you expect what you have with your Valentine to expand over decades, there could be no better “flower” than an oak sapling. Nothing says limitless like this canopy, which grew from acorns in just 40 years.
If you go this direction and want to be sure this symbol of your love lasts, be sure to check out planting tips from our Valentines at the Theodore Payne Foundation and Las Pilitas Nursery.