Gardens of the World, Fall 2015

Fall Maintenance To-Dos for a Vibrant Drought Tolerant Garden

Volunteers and learners from the La Canada community joined La Canada Valley Beautiful and FormLA Landscaping in October 2015. Here are highlights from the hands-on workshop.



Deer Grass Flat Top

Volunteers gave 4-5 foot high Deer Grass it’s first haircut. Installed 8 years ago, the grass had turned gold. This deep trim will inspire it to generate new green in the spring.


Fescue and Sage Hold Steady

This blue-grey fescue and power pink Hummingbird sage simply received encouragement. We removed excessive oak tree litter to allow the sage space to propagate and for sunshine to reach the fescue.
IMG_6738 FormLA2015_LCVB_JerusalemSageTrimmedFall

Restructure Structural Blooms

The Mediterranean garden’s fan palm and Status have fantastic form. To ensure the Jerusalem Sage brings bountiful yellow blooms in spring, we left just enough grey-green foliage to compliment the surrounding greenery.

Aussie Easy

The Australian garden needed only the removal of Kangaroo Paw blooms. This architectural grass maintains it’s shape season upon season, year after year with no attention.