Hide Your Crazy!

5 Aesthetic Qualities of Gardens with Smart Irrigation

By Cassy Aoyagi:┬áIrrigation is the Spanks of the landscaping world. While it underpins many a garden’s ability to stop traffic, we don’t want to see it! There are so many benefits to keeping it all under wraps with a smart irrigation system. Yes, you’ll save water and avoid (accidentally!) sprinkling your neighbors when you take the ugly underground. You’ll also add 5 qualities that may surprise you!

Flying Objects

Traditional overhead sprinklers create an obstacle course for birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife. Hide the crazy, and the flyest of the fliers will find their way to you.




A sunbathing leaf drenched in water is not unlike a sunbathing human drenched in mineral oil. Sooner or later, the surface area will burn. This is a particular challenge for succulents. Subsurface drip irrigation protects foliage appearance and also provides long term health benefits. Spanks and sunscreen all in one!
Succulent Parkway


Like us, foliage needs just the right nutrition and guidance to develop our full potential. The right irrigation ensures foliage grows its curves and blooms on schedule. In contrast, overhead sprinklers can spoil a good plant rotten. They need to apply more water to ensure it reaches plant roots. This introduces the potential for overly moist soil and standing water. Both conditions attract pests and introduce the potential for rot.



We’ve stopped noticing all the movement, all the noise we introduce to our lives, much of it in our gardens. The tick, tick, tick, swoosh of sprinklers wakes many Angelenos. In contrast, subsurface, drip irrigation does its work in silence, leaving you to start your day in peace.



We’ve grown so accustomed to the minion-faces and chattering of sprinklers, we don’t notice how much they take from us until they are gone. Where there is stillness, healthy greenery, and wildlife, there is pure magic. Unspeakable delight.
Pitchers Sage