About IdealMow™ Lawns

FormLA® IdealMow™ Lawns are native grasses and beyond-grass alternatives to traditional, thirsty lawns and synthetic turf. IdealMow™ Lawns look consistently lush and lovely without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Optimally drought tolerant, they need much less water and maintenance to thrive.

With an IdealMow™ Lawn, you can:

  • Choose to mow short or leave long and meadow-like
  • Save time and money on maintenance
  • Consume up to 70 percent less water
  • Enjoy a consistently lush and green lawn
  • Provide safer, healthier, chemical-free play space

FormLA® IdealMow™ native grass lawns in a variety of colors and textures and prices the lawn alternatives by the square foot.  See the IdealMow Gallery

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