In and Out in L.A.

L.A.’s New Landscape Look


The new look for landscaping in Los Angeles reflects our creative culture. Conformity gives way to diversity and self-expression. Instead of chasing the look of other places, the latest look brings a vibrant authenticity and distinctive sense of place to L.A.


Out: Boring Expanses of Lawn – In: Architectural Outdoor Aesthetics

L.A. is home to some of the most extraordinary, diverse architecture in the nation.  Why would we settle for conformity in our landscapes?  We can use our outdoor spaces to transform our properties into creative works of self-expression.


Out: Synthetics Lawns – In: Diverse IdealMow Aesthetics

Synthetics  further a boring aesthetic that is past its prime.   Those concerned about sustainability would be better off sticking with the real thing!  See tradeoffs beyond the aesthetic in Synthetics vs. IdealMow.


Out: Stuffy Foliage – In: Naturally Vibrant Beauties

While there will always be a place in L.A. for roses, camellias and other trophy foliage, the new look involves a cleaner aesthetic.  Trophy foliage becomes part of a broader play with new ingenues like hummingbird sage taking center stage.


Out: Xeriscaping – In: Lush, Climate Compatible Foliage

Why would we go from chasing the aesthetics of England to those of Arizona? Cacti and succulents are climate compatible and suit some L.A. architectural styles, but a desert aesthetic is no more authentic to Los Angeles region than expanses of turf and roses.  Foliage authentic to Los Angeles has a lush, vibrant, welcoming look.


Out: Stiff, Unyielding Walks and Drives – In: Soft, Flowing Materials

Permeable walks and drives help our limited rainfall replenish our aquifers and mitigate run-off.  Aesthetically, they offer a casual elegance consistent with L.A.’s low key culture.  As with the rest of the “Ins,” permeable walks and drives come in a variety of colors and textures, allowing for a high level of flexibility and self-expression.


Out: Conforming Parkways – In: Optimal Curb Appeal

Homeowners must maintain the parkways in front of their homes – shouldn’t those spaces be part of our properties’ curb appeal?  Can you imagine this extraordinary space with a parkway of turf?


Out: Maintaining Your Garden – In: Enjoying Your Garden!