Boost Home Value

How Does Landscaping Impact Home Value?

The resale gains earned via smart, sustainable landscaping are fantastic and underestimated. The savvy designers at FormLA Landscaping maximize both the value in use and the market value of the drought tolerant landscapes we create.  We pay close attention to the flow and usability of the outdoor space, complementing architecture, and using high-quality, optimally sustainable materials and practices.

Beautiful Is Smart

A sustainable landscape is more than just a pretty face for your home. It is an investment that produces outstanding returns.

  • Money Magazine notes landscape offers better returns than any other home investment. The 2011 HomeGain ROI Survey placed that return at 258 percent.
  • SmartMoney Magazine calculates the boost in resale value of a high-quality, low-maintenance landscape at 15 percent of home value. This Old House places it at 20 percent.
  • Members of the Society of Real Estate Appraiser agree nearly unanimously (99 percent) that landscaping also speeds time to sale.

Smart Is Beautiful

The Homeowner’s Guide to Post Bubble Real Estate indicates that documenting a home’s energy and water efficiency improvements protects home value.


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