Sensible Frankincense

Gather Seasonal Scents from Your Garden

Your garden may have just what you need to make the holidays festive and fragrant indoors! Using your outdoor living space as a resource can save time, money and hassle during the busy month of December.

Take a stroll through your yard today and identify the fragrances you would like indoors for the holidays. To bring fresh, warm holiday scents indoors:

  • Take cuttings from fragrant pines, cedars and junipers and place around the house as impromptu potpourri
  • Cut plants now and dry them for a couple of weeks before mixing into sumptuously scented displays
  • Create potpourri from sages and lavenders – each species of these wonderful herbs adds fresh and delicious scents
  • Enhance the scent of dried cuttings throughout the holidays by adding essential oil

While you are hunting scents, consider pulling in a holiday feast for all of your senses.   For wildly beautiful holiday décor select gourds, pine cones, Toyon branches and Cotoneaster in for flower arrangements or wreaths.  In addition to adding wonderful holly-like berries to your natural arrangements, Toyon can be made into a delicious lemony tea!