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5 native plants that make gardens sing

March 9, 2018. By Cassy Aoyagi: Before I see my garden, I hear it. Birds greet me as I wake, letting me know I have another day to enjoy and impact this beautiful world. Their morning symphony fills me with hope.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Studies show birdsong delivers calm and focus. Can you imagine if we had beauty, song, and calm throughout our city?  It’s possible!



Want more of the good kind of tweeting? Here are five native plants that make birds like warblers, vireos, flycatchers, kinglets, and bushtits, as well as goldfinches, Western Bluebirds, and sparrows want to make your garden home.



Is it any surprise songbirds like Sparrows, Waxwings and Wrens like the sunny faces of sunflowers? The snacking is so easy! While drawing the right kind of tweets, sunflower’s tall stems and rough leaves can nudge human foot traffic in another direction.



Rosa Californica

All roses are not the same! Rosa Californica attracts Thrushes, Vireos, Warblers and Waxwings. Leafy and up to 8 feet tall, Rosa Californica blooms from May to August and offers delightfully crunchy rose hips humans like nearly as much as the birds!



Coyote Bush

What doesn’t Coyote Bush do? It keeps its bright flash green year round, beautifully retains slopes, resists drought and fire… and brings Sparrows too. What a performer!

Dwarf Coyote Bush

Baby Blue Eyes

Easy to grow from seed, Baby Blue Eyes makes for a lovely ground cover or addition to a wildflower meadow between trees and larger foliage. Blue Eyes enchant blue Cardinals & Grosbeaks, Vireos, Waxwings, Wood Warblers and Wrens.




Dinner is served! Bladderpod conveniently packages its seeds to go! Crows & Jays, Finches and Sparrows will like this birdie fast food. Hummingbirds appreciate the sector from Bladderpods bright yellow blooms.

We weren’t fast enough to catch feathers before they took flight, but, thanks to our friends at Las Pilitas Nursery, our LA Bird Garden Palette in Pinterest has plenty of native-with-songbird photos.

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