Parkway Palettes


The New Look for LA is characterized by landscapes as creative and diverse as our architecture.  Incorporating the parkway into the broader landscape design means the new look creates outrageous curb appeal for each property. What does all this individualism mean for the visual cohesion of our neighborhoods?

That depends! The scrapping of uniform, traditional grass parkways does not need to lead to parkway anarchy.  One way to facilitate a cohesive neighborhood look is to define a community parkway palette that works with prevalent architectural styles; local climate, soils and regulations; and homeowner preferences.

We love helping you use you find the plants to express yourself.  Our parkway palette includes IdealMow lawn alternatives along with a variety of foliage useful in directing or withstanding foot traffic.  While many neighborhoods have established parkway trees, others have a chance to redefine even their tree palette due to damage inflicted by the drought.  Take a peek and see what feels like home!


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