Remodel with Mulch


Mulch Is a Handyman, Housekeeper, and Home Chef Rolled into One

February 26, 2021. By Oscar Ortega: Organic wood-based mulch provides the outdoor equivalent of a fresh coat of paint, deep insulation, a Roomba, and an endless supply of healthy meals. This hardworker creates:


Clean Aesthetic

Like a fresh coat of paint, mulch instantly improves a space. If an empty lot somehow takes on some curb appeal, just imagine what it can provide to a front garden!


Cool, Hydrated Soil

Mulch simultaneously serves as the outdoor equivalent of insulation. It holds-in soil hydration, whether it comes from rain or irrigation. It keeps soil, and the roots growing in it, at a pleasant temperature. When soil is cool and hydrated, it helps plants withstand high, dry heat, just as a well-insulated home helps us survive the summer.


Weed Control

Just as a Roomba prevents indoor dust bunnies, mulch keeps weeds from developing a stronghold in your garden. It hides barren soil, which invites invasive, highly flammable, non-native “arson grasses.” Because soil under mulch is hydrated, it’s also makes it easier to pull weeds.


Organic Fertilizer

Sunshine and soil contact will eventually break down a good mulch. Yet, even as it decays, organic wood mulch seeks to be of service. It will enrich the soil, fertilizing your garden for you. Before you know it, your little lovelies will be lush and leafies!


Freedom and Satisfaction

As we break down the specific tasks performed by mulch, we know we are missing what we really get out of hiring it. It frees the time and funds we would otherwise need to weed and fertilize. It protects us all from toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides. It means everyone who looks at the space will have the satisfaction that comes with gazing at perfection. We like being the team that creates that!
When you hire mulch, be sure you do your due diligence. Some materials are toxic, flammable, infested, or simply less effective. Leaves and organic, wood-based mulches perform this work well and are worth every penny invested in keeping them on staff.

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