Show LA Pride

LA Blooms Year-Round and In June, You’ll see the full rainbow!


June 2019. By FormLA Staff: Whether you like to keep your colors to cool greens and blues or are drawn to hot and happy oranges and yellows, LA has a full rainbow of authentic blooms just for you! Here are a few favorites that give us great pride in LA.


Desert Globemallow, featured here, is a great way to introduce 2019’s Color of the Year Living Coral to a garden. These magical wands can be used as cut flowers to ensure your beauty is inside-out! Other ways to get orange in the garden include California Poppy and Western Columbine.


Indian Mallow brings these beautiful dancing blooms 10 months of the year. While they can often feel like backdrop this time of year, they are the stars of fall. Other ways to bring yellow to your garden include Sulphur Buckwheat and Monkey Flower.


Want to make your neighbors green with envy? LA has the plants for you! The Elderberry featured here will act as a lacy privacy screen while serving up green blooms and delicious berries. It’s not the only hedge that serves up deliciously beautiful greenery. Coffeberry and Manzanita are also great choices.


No city blues like we do! Desert Blue Bells are a particularly delightful way to bring on the blues. Wooly Blue Curls and Margarita B.O.P. also boast Dodger-worthy blues that knock it out of the park.


If you want purple to rein in your garden, this Lilac Verbena is a beautiful way to bring it. Of course, Coyote Mint and Tansy Leaf Phacelia will also have your neighbors bowing in appreciation!


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