Take It to the Curb!

Two Palettes to Help LA Keep Our Cool – and Our Water

October 12, 2017. By Cassy Aoyagi: There’s a party at the curb, and, trust us, you don’t want to miss it! Once a place of conformity and submission, the parkway is now a place to express oneself and impact our community.
Dry River Parkway
The parkway has gone from invisible background to an essential component to our ambiance. It is the conclusion of every point made with a front garden design. The punctuation mark that defines the meaning of a composition as a whole. It is the point where we connect with our neighbors, our community, and what we deliver into our common ground.

Now is a ripe moment for our parkways. The City of LA must repair sidewalks throughout the city in the next decade, giving us an opportunity to redefine what we see between our sidewalks and curbs. Here are a couple of palettes that will help us make the most of it.
LA Native Parkway Trees

LA’s tree canopy suffered in drought and remains weak and vulnerable to infestation and disease. Even as we mourn the loss of trees that have shaped our city, we are excited to see what a new generation of trees can bring to the conversation.
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Trees native to Los Angeles are well-positioned to take both our look and our resilience to the next level. Natives simply know their turf and how to survive our streets much better, even when things get heated. They throw the kind of shade that can keep us cool year round, and we are quite certain their lush and leafy style is the next big thing.

As the City of LA works to repair sidewalks and other municipalities seek to reinforce tree canopies, we are hopeful we’ll see more of these stalwart Angelenos around town.
LA Parkway Palette

Whether you want to encourage or direct traffic over the parkway toward your home or increase your privacy, the remaining friends we invite to our parkway parties will make a big difference. Parkways are each gardens’ last chance to keep the fight within the family. The last chance for runoff to flow into the ground instead of the street and stormwater system. Here are a few materials that can help you make the most of it.
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