Very Peri Is Very LA!

December 2021. By Isara Ongwiseth: Each year, we go through the fun exercise of examining how to bring the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year to gardens. It’s not just a lark, Pantone’s choice tends to guide fashion, interior design, and exterior paint color preferences, so grappling with it is one way we help our gardens feel fresh and on point.

This year the Institute notes that digital design allowed it to “stretch the limits of reality” to create “a new blue” they’ve named Very Peri.

Hm. Not to be edgy, but perhaps PANTONE 17-3938 should be named Very LA?! Or at least Very California? In addition to crediting the true origins of the color, the name change would present some distinctive advantages:

Movement: Pantone describes Very Peri as embodying “carefree confidence” and “a dynamic presence.” Is there a better description of Salvia Clevelandii? (…or LA for that matter?) The wand like blooms of Cleveland Sage seem to dance to their own tune as they move with LA breezes.

Spot-On Fragrance: “Very LA” would come with a scent that is both earthy and fresh. Its sage-appropriate notes provide grounding similar to how its color conveys “the faithfulness and constancy of blue.” Its unique minty notes deliver the “energy and excitement of red.” It’s perfect!

A Mission: The Institute claims Very Peri is a “symbol of the global zeitgeist… and the transition we are going through” and that it will help us embrace an “altered landscape of possibilities.” That’s nice… and “Very LA” Salvia Clevelandii is already altering the landscape, helping Angelenos manifest an authentic aesthetic that can bring about a more water and energy smart, authentic and beautiful future.

What do you think? Should LA stake a claim to the color?

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