What to Expect in Fall

Fall is a truly stunning time in gardens with foliage authentic to Los Angeles. Native foliage has its greatest growth spurt when the heat of summer dies back, blooms will be bountiful, and it is also the best time to plant.

In 2018, fire safety is of great concern. It is critical to keep foliage structured and at recommended distances from structures, to maintain garden cleanliness, and remove flammable materials from dead foliage to cushions on furniture. We strongly recommend a review of our Disaster Prevention Checklist, particularly for those located near wild space.


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In fall, we harvest many of the benefits of native gardens. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are needed to prepare for winter. Instead, in September, we:

Feed You and Your Home:

  • Harvest fresh herbs and veggies from home gardens for fantastic fall meals
  • Bring in bouquets of fall blooming cut flowers and colorful foliage

Keep It Pretty:

  • Identify garden areas to fill-in with fall planting
  • Evaluate fall and winter tree pruning needs
  • Prune California natives that have completed their cycle of growth for the year, allowing them to rejuvenate

Watch Your Water:

  • Set irrigation systems to water less often and more deeply to help existing landscapes establish tolerance to drought conditions
  • Eliminate run-off, overspray and leaks
  • Stay on top of changing rebate and incentive programs



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Autumn is the best time to plant, establish, and enjoy native gardens and the season of the Theodore Payne Foundation Fall Sale. It is also important to take these maintenance steps.

Keep Thriving Gardens Structured:

  • Prune conifers and other deciduous trees
  • Deep-feed citrus trees
  • Structure natives for December growth spurts
  • Divide native grasses
  • Plant native fill ins

Protect Homes, Maintain Outdoor Water Systems:

  • Turn down irrigation controllers
  • Adjust irrigation and lighting timers November 1
  • Change controller, valve and sensor batteries
  • Install and test rain sensors
  • Clean gutters and checking water ways



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Years of drought have swept the slides of the last El Nino from our minds. Well, it’s time to remember! FEMA encourages Californians prepare for flooding this year. Join us in the following.

Prepare for High Rainfall:

  • Evaluate the health of slope saving plants
  • Clean gutters and checking waterways
  • Reduce irrigation, and modifying timers
  • Run through our full Disaster Prevention Checklist

Bring Beauty Home:

  • Deliver fresh herbs and wildflower seeds to client doorsteps
  • Harvest winter veggies, like fennel, parsnips, and sweet potatoes
  • Prepare you to host Thanksgiving outdoors

Cut Back Natives, Feed Fruits:

  • Divide grasses for rejuvenation
  • Continue to cut back established natives
  • Deep-feed citrus trees
  • Providing bareroot fruits and roses
  • Planting, mulching, planting and mulching

What to Expect in Winter