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craftsmanship and sustainability define how we build your dreams

FormLA Landscaping’s construction team is committed to your peace of mind. We source high quality materials, pride ourselves on impeccable craftsmanship, and operate in dedication to the resilience of Los Angeles. Because our builders work hand-in-hand with our designers, they have a distinctive advantage in bringing dreams to life on time and on budget. Their collaboration with our maintenance team means what our construction team installs has the support it needs to grow to its best form.


How We’re Different

Our construction and plant installation expertise is distinctive, and sets your garden for success. Here are the ins and outs of what differentiates us:

In: Active Collaboration with You and Designers – Out: Imprecise, Inflexible Implementation

In: Hassle and Haggling with Build Bids – Out: A Stress-Free Path from Dream to Reality

In: Distinctive, High-Quality, Locally Sourced Materials – Out: Cookie Cutter Components

In: Expertly Aligned, Drop-Saving Irrigation – Out: Haphazard Sprinkler Coverage

In: Horticulturally Sound Plant Installation – Out: Drop and Go Planting

In: Building On-Time and On-Budget – Out: Hassles, Stress and Disappointments

In: Clear, Effective Communication, Peace of Mind, and Joy in Your Garden!

Why It Matters

We do so much more than build beautiful gardens. We make our clients’ (and our designers’) dreams reality in a way that works for the long term resilience of Los Angeles. Here are things you’ll come to value about our construction services:

Clear Communication
We will communicate with you throughout the construction process. You will know when we will be onsite and what to expect as your landscape unfolds. If you have requests or curiosities along the way, we want to know, and we’ll work to ensure you get what you need. We’ll walk you through your completed garden, providing tips for care and instruction on all systems installed.

Horticulturists and Craftspeople
Our designers intend to wrap you in a work of art, and it is our skilled construction team that brings it to life. A plant’s long term success begins at installation, and our team members gain still-rare knowledge of how to facilitate the long term success of California native plants. Similarly, our masons take great pride in building high quality, beautiful walks, patios, drives, and walls that will endure.

Dedication to Sustainability
While not all our gardens go through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED or SITEs certification processes, these standards inform everything we do. Where we can reclaim materials onsite or source from local vendors we do. We have the unusual know-how to build features for water positivity and energy-saving heat island reduction.

Operational Excellence
Your designer will keep us in the loop as they are drawing up the blueprints of your dreams. We become familiar with your site along the way, providing construction and engineering expertise to ensure the feasibility of the design. This coordination amplifies our efficacy and means once we are building your landscape, we move smoothly from start to finish.

Peace of Mind

At the end of each day and at the end of your project we aim for your peace of mind and your joy!