Joe Duran, Maintenance

Maintenance Care Manager

Joe Duran joined FormLA Landscaping in March 2019 as maintenance care manager. In this role, Joe establishes and builds close relationships with our clientele.

Joe sets high standards for the work to be accomplished by FormLA teams onsite. Joe ensures teams are effective and communicative while in client gardens. He is versed in the latest-greatest natural environmental management techniques to ensure our clients have chemical-free gardens. Joe holds high standards for technicians with expertise in managing the latest in smart irrigation technologies and hardscape care, and he effectively schedules and routes his teams’ days.
In his more than 15 years of progressive landscape industry experience, Joe stands out for his high client service ratings and operational excellence. In addition to more than six years working for Emerald Isle Landscaping of Colorado Springs, CO, Joe ran his own landscaping operation.
Joe moved to Los Angeles from Colorado Springs to support his daughter’s love of acting. In his spare time, he enjoys sharing time with her and his wife at auditions and shoots and getting to know the city.

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