John Cook, Installation Lead

Landscape Installation Manager

John Cook serves as a client liaison and project manager throughout the landscape building and installation process.

As clients approve designs and begin to build their outdoor living space, John coordinates between the client, the building team, and the designers. He visits job sites on a daily basis to track progress, guide forman and crews to resolve daily challenges, and expedites client requests. When building is complete, John leads a final walk-through with the client, maintenance team manager and the design team. This walk-through provides clients with an understanding of the features of their new property and the opportunity to provide final project approval. During the walk through, John introduces the FormLA maintenance staff, providing clients with tactics to ensure their project’s growth.

John joined FormLA in 2005 with more than 10 years of diverse experience in the landscape industry. As an avid surfer and environmentalist, John’s work reflects his personal commitment to sustainable living. John’s wife Jennie shares his passion and runs a sustainable catering company specializing in sustainably grown, organic food.

John attended Brandeis University and UCLA, focusing his studies on landscaping and horticulture.

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