Mark Britten, Production Lead

Production Manager and Project Coordinator

With more than twenty-five years of experience in landscape contracting, project management and construction, Mark Britten knows how to get things done. He ensures FormLA Landscaping custom, sustainable landscape design and building/installation projects are delivered on time, on budget and with the greatest attention to detail.

Prior to joining FormLA Landscaping in 2004, Mark managed a $15 million dollar construction budget as the Director of Facilities for a large Los Angeles church. In this role, working with neighborhood counsels, regulatory agencies, architects, engineers and contractors, Mark worked to minimize the environmental impact from the construction activities.

Mark has a deep sensitivity and knowledge of issues impacting the surrounding environment and worked to mitigate runoff and heat island effect. He also has interest and expertise in water management and sustainable landscape design. Mark’s background in alternative energy and thorough knowledge of sustainable practices, techniques and technologies makes him an extraordinary asset in ensuring FormLA Landscaping projects are as “green” as possible.

Mark holds a facilities management administrator (FMA) certificate and is a California State licensed landscape and plumbing contractor. He earned an associates degree in Solar Technology at the Community College of Denver.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys reading, writing, gardening and traveling with Lori, his wife of 30 years. He is very proud of his daughter Hillary, who owns her own green business (Doggy Go Green) and son Ben who is in his last year at California State Long Beach.

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